Atlantic Hurricane Archive

This form allows you to search for storms by name, by year, or by locations.
You can use all or part of the storm's name, or part of the city's name

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You can select a particular year and view all the storms that occurred in that year.

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By typing all or part of a storm's name, you will be able to view the storms whose names contain what you typed in.

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By entering all or part of a city name and selecting a state, you can view all the storms that passed within 100 miles of that location. If more than one place is found that matches the name and state you entered, you will be able to select which place to use. This option takes about one minute to calculate all of the storm tracks that have passed the location you select. Please be patient.

Select Storms by Caribbean Location within 100 miles

By selecting a Caribbean location, you can view all of the storms that have passed witnin 100 miles of that location.
The storm archive contains the all the storm's position, wind speed, and pressure information as published by the National Weather Service. The information is at six hour intervals in Eastern US Time.
The wind speed is in knots, the pressure is in millibars. One knot equals 1.15 miles per hour.